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Gluten article

Gluten: Friend, foe or just a fad? » Scienceline

[Image credit: Memphis CVB via Flickr]. By Claire Maldarelli | Posted March 12, 2014. Posted in: Featured, Health Tags: biology, celiac disease, diet fads, ......

Backpain 000 e1383587149207 article

Is the brain hard-wired for pain? » Scienceline

By Claire Maldarelli | Posted November 4, 2013. Posted in: Blogs, Health Blog Tags: back pain, brain, brain scan, chronic pain, diffusion tensor imaging, disease ......

Ishihara article

How does colorblindness work? » Scienceline

By Claire Maldarelli | Posted July 28, 2014. Posted in: Blogs, Ever Wondered?, Featured, Health Tags: Anomalous trichromacy, color, color vision, colorblind, ......

Mug cake suanie flckr 640x456 article

The Science Oven » Scienceline

By Claire Maldarelli | Posted July 10, 2014. Posted in: Ever Wondered?, Featured , Physical Science Tags: electromagnetic waves, invention, magnetron, ......

Sap droplet bucket branded filtrd bw article

Untapped Potential » Scienceline

By Claire Maldarelli | Posted June 24, 2014. Posted in: Featured, Health Tags: coconut water, Cornell, Environment, maple water, Nutrition, tree waters, vertical  ......


Video: Cutting a Gem

How do you take something that is already beautiful and make it even more so? In this short movie, we see Master gem cutter Jerrold Green’s undeniable passion and perseverance drive his craft as he transforms a blue sapphire to reveal its true potential as a magnificent work of art.